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Remedial Massage uses multiple techniques, according to your specific needs and progress, to manipulate the soft tissues and facilitate healing. This begins at a cellular level aiding soft tissues in repairing, restoring and adapting back to full health.


Each culture has its own very unique style of massage that has been handed down through generations. Fenn Massage hand-picks massage therapies and techniques each with its own beneficial properties and to aid in your relaxation.


Therapeutic massage is suitable for everyone, including those with disabilities, expecting mothers, athletes and people in treatment for medical conditions. Targeted therapies can help you grow and develop while reducing natural strain on your body.


  • Service(MuscleMelt)

    Holistic Massage

    Holistic massage draws techniques from many traditions, combining them with natural sensitivity to meet the needs of each individual as a whole.

    • £50 / £70KJW Osteopathy
    • £80 / £100Private Clinic
    • £100 / £150Home Visits or Offices

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  • Service(IndianMassage)

    Indian Head Massage (Champissage)

    Indian head massage releases built up tissue stress in muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. 

    60 minute treatment includes facial shiatsu massage
    • £30 / £45KJW Osteopathy
    • £30 / £45Private Clinic
    • £50 / £65Home Visits or Offices

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  • Service(DeepTissue)

    Deep Tissue

    This deep tissue massage releases tightness and reduces pain by targeting specific areas of tension and stress.

    • £50 / £70KJW Osteopathy
    • £80 / £100Private Clinic
    • £100 / £150Home Visits or Offices

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Massage Therapy in London

Indulge, restore and relax. Fenn Massage offers premium and tailored massage treatments to cater for your needs. Treat yourself to one of our relaxing, pampering massages either at a private clinic or in the comfort of your own home. You deserve it. Make an appointment today!

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