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Top 10 Benefits of Massage

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Massage is not just effective at helping you relax after a stressful week – it also has a host of other physical and mental benefits. Here are the top 10…

benefits of massage

1. Reduces stress

A modern day epidemic, stress affects everyone in one way or another and a great way to combat life’s everyday tensions is through regular massage. A full body massage lowers heart rate, decreases levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and raises the body’s production of endorphins – which explains why you feel so ‘zen’ after just one session! Reducing your stress levels through massage will also do wonders for your health in the long run by preventing potential diseases and stress-related illnesses.

2. Pain relief

Pain relief is possibly one of the top reasons why many begin going for regular massages. Chronic pain from illness or muscle cramp from over exercising can all be effectively relieved through different massage techniques and applied pressure in specific areas. Regular massages can see spasms, muscle cramps, stiffness and body aches reduced or prevented altogether.


3. Injury rehabilitation

Massage is a wonderful supplement for the recovery process of injuries. A long-term injury will usually require physiotherapy or surgery, however these forms of rehabilitation don’t always completely prevent pain or additional injuries occurring. Massage encourages the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissue and organs, therefore accelerating the recovery process.

4. Releases bodily toxins

Regular massages are highly effective at detoxing your body by eliminating toxins through the lymphatic system. The rhythmic strokes and pressure used during massage can release lactic acid build-up in muscles, loosen mucus in the lungs and promote sinus drainage. Drink a glass of water to two after a session to help flush the toxins out more rapidly!



5. Boost mental health and wellbeing

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, massage is a great holistic way to soothe symptoms. As well as relaxing you through touch, massage increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body, both of which help to stabilise and lift your mood.

6. Lowers blood pressure

The older you get the more at risk you are of high blood pressure, which if left untreated can lead to serious conditions such as heart attacks, kidney disease, strokes or dementia. Massage is extremely effective at lowering blood pressure as it reduces stress-hormone levels that are often a contributing factor in blood pressure problems.


7. Improved sleep

Massage is a great remedy for those struggling to sleep. The cumulative effect of reduced muscle tension, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and stress relief through massage all help to slow down your system making you more likely to fall asleep faster and enjoy a better quality sleep too.

8. Boosts immune system

As well as taking your daily vitamin C supplement, massage is a wonderful way to boost your immune system and ward off colds and other infections as it increases levels of our disease fighting white blood cells. Plus the stress-reducing powers of massage keep you healthier as those who are strung out are at higher risk of falling ill.


9. Improves posture

With the majority of us stuck behind desks all day, our posture is likely to suffer and then cause us problems in the long-run. Massage not only loosens and relaxes muscles, it also relieves pressure points that prevent the body from positioning itself correctly. Once alleviated, the body can assume a natural posture that won’t cause pain.

10. Aids fitness and muscle recovery

Whether you’re a gym bunny or a total fitness newbie, a massage after a workout can aid your muscle recovery and get you back to working out faster. Massage reduces the muscle inflammation you acquire after a heavy workout session and the less inflammation you have, the less sore your muscles will feel and the quicker you’ll be able to get back to pounding the treadmill or lifting weights.


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