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Top 6 Benefits of Massage for Golfers

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Top 6 Benefits of Massage for Golfers - Fenn Massage London

Whether you’re a professional golfer or just enjoy playing at the weekend, regular massage therapy is fantastic for improving your game. Here are the top six benefits…

1. Prevents injuries

As with any sport, injury is always a probability and golf is no exception. Massage is very effective at preventing injuries as regular sessions can help reduce muscle spasms, scar tissue and relieve trigger points. By keeping muscles relaxed, they will be less likely to suffer strains or tears when playing and in the long-term will allow golfers to perform better. As well as preventing injuries, a massage therapist can also detect small adhesions and work them out before they become more serious and prevent you from playing and competing.

2. Improves posture

Good posture is vital for golf performance, however as the majority of us are often stuck behind desks all day stance can be affected. Massage therapy – especially a deeper form – can reduce muscle tightness that causes postural imbalances, helping the body to assume its correct position. Improved posture will better your golf swing and reduce the risk of elbow injuries and tendonitis.

3. Increases range of motion and flexibility

Golfers often experience tightness in the forearms, shoulders, lower back and hips due to their overuse when playing. Deep tissue massage in particular is great at loosening and stretching stiff joints and muscles, thus creating a more fluid motion in the golf swing. Regular massage combined with daily stretching will not only see your range of motion and flexibility increase, but also your power and performance when out on the golf course.

4. Pain relief

The force and repetitive movement used in a golf swing can – unsurprisingly – result in muscle soreness and spasms which can be very painful and prevent you from performing at your best. Serious spasms do not release on their own – massage therapy can help lengthen and relax the contracted muscle, providing you with some much-needed relief. Massage also helps relieve pain due to its encouragement of endorphin release.

5. Improves circulation

One of the top benefits of massage is its ability to improve blood flow around the body, of which is vital for avid and professional golfers. Good circulation helps prevent the buildup of toxins, such as lactic acid, in the muscles which if left untreated can cause muscle pain and stiffness. The rhythmic strokes and pressure used in massage sessions releases the accumulation of toxins and helps oxygenated blood get to your sore muscles, allowing them to recover faster and you to get back on the green quicker!

6. Improves mental focus

Most competitive sports come with some degree of pressure – whether it is from you, the golfer, or outside entities – but too much stress and anxiety can put you off your game and cause you to lose focus. Stress can result in muscles being clenched involuntarily which is counterproductive for golfers who need their swing to be as fluid as possible. Massage therapy is a great remedy as it is not only effective at helping your muscles to relax but also your mind.

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