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What is a facial massage?

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What is Facial Massage - Fenn Massage

A fabulous accompaniment to a full body massage or as an addition to your skin regime, discover all you need to know about facial massage…

What is it?

Facial massage has become an increasingly popular Western beauty treatment and is predominantly used to slow down the aging process. Facial massages are also often used to help relieve migraines, stress, sinus congestion and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Sessions are carried out by either a professional massage therapist using just their hands or sometimes mechanical massaging devices.

The technique

Typically facial massages will last for no longer than 20 minutes as massage is known for its stretching and lengthening capabilities – the opposite of what you want to happen to your skin if your quest is to look younger! If you have sensitive skin, the facial massage therapist will need to take extra care to not exert too much pressure as your skin is more prone to damage and irritation.

Facial massages can be part of a whole body treatment or part of a facial treatment and often a small amount of oil, moisturiser or lotion will be applied to help facilitate movement and prevent the therapist’s fingers from pulling or stretching the skin too hard.

Before the massage begins, any makeup you have on will need to be removed and your face will be cleansed thoroughly and scrubbed with an exfoliator to remove any dead skin cells.

The therapist will use a very gentle touch to massage your face and neck with strokes done in an upward movement to keep your skin tight and prevent sagging. All areas of your face will be massaged to increase circulation and reduce tension.

Areas of the face massaged and the benefits:
– Forehead and nose – reduces appearance of horizontal lines.
– Nostrils – helps to unclog pores and prevent future blemishes
– Mouth and cheeks – prevents wrinkles and the facial muscles from sagging.
– Eye area – reduces appearance of wrinkles and heavy bags from forming.
– Chin and neck – promotes muscle tone and prevents sagging skin.
– Ears – feature pressure points that stimulate other areas of the body.

There are over 300 pressure points on the face and stimulating any of these will have a positive impact on different systems within your body, such as the lymphatic system.

Who does it suit?

Facial massage suits everyone and the younger you are when you begin to incorporate it into your skin regime, the more you will benefit from its anti-aging powers.

This type of massage is also particularly beneficial for those with inflamed skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

How to get the most out of your session

      • Drink lots of water after your facial massage. This will help flush out any toxins the therapist has worked out during the session and will help the blood circulation around your face.
      • Eat healthily! All the money spent on skincare and facial massages won’t have an impact if you’re not providing your body with the correct nutrients it needs to repair itself.
      • Make sure you are regularly getting a full night’s sleep. Deep sleep is indeed ‘beauty sleep’ as this is when our bodies metabolic rate speeds up, our cell production increases and our energy can be used on tissue repair.
      • Do a DIY face massage at home in between sessions! Spend an extra five minutes a day applying your daily moisturiser with intention. Use light pressure and circle with your fingertips as you apply the product to each section of your face. This will help prolong the effects of your facial massage.
      • Try to do a few minutes of facial exercises a day. All the muscles in your face are connected so by working just one, you’ll have an impact on them all.
      • Invest in a good facial oil for your skin. The right facial oil will deliver the essential fatty acids your skin needs to repair and extend the benefits of a regular facial massage.
      • Avoid touching your face! Many skin problems are caused by the bacteria on our hands. The only time your should touch your face is during your daily beauty routine.

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